Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Yearly Cycle

Celebrate the essence of the current season by working with the natural energies that arise during it. 

Making the best of what is, rather than dreading the change, always makes the time more fun. Different times of the year have naturally occurring aspects that result from their key characteristics. 

Today I came across the chart below while reading a book. The keys of each time that it highlights are very similar to what I recognize from my own findings in the cycles of time. Throughout each cycle, I connect more deeply with the divinity of the current moment in time. Aligning with the seasons allows me a greater feeling of connection and purpose. 

Take a moment to connect with the keywords used. Let go of barriers you may have and feel what opens as you sync with the cycles of Earth

Yearly Cycle

Seasonal Festivals of Ancients in the Northern Hemisphere. Notes adapted from Shamanic Experience by Kenneth Meadows 

Spring Equinox (Around 21 March in the Northern hemisphere) Day and night are equally balanced. Ancient Festival of Awakening. New life springs forth from that which was once "dead".   The cycle begins.

Summer Solstice (Around June 21) Daytime is at it's longest. Ancient Festival of Attainment. Solar power is reaching it's peak. Time for culmination.  Everything is in the heat of growing.

Autumn Equinox (Around September 22) Daytime and nightime are equally balanced. Festival of Thanksgiving. Emphasis on distribution and the importance of both giving and receiving. 

Winter Solstice (Around December 22) Night is at it's longest. Ancient Festival of Rebirthing. Seeds of potential begin to stir. Recognized rebirth of light and gives a reminder that with light there is also shadow, aspects of same thing. 

Enjoy your journey through the cycles.



Danielle Marie Crume

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