Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Aham Prema

 :: (ah-hum pray-mah) :: अहम् प्रेमा
Aham Prema is the fruit of my creative expression.
Aham Prema is a Sanskrit mantra for “I AM Divine Love.”
Reciting this phrase awakens this sacred power within.

Divine Love is the foundation of my work and the greatest tool for my growth.

Power of the Mantra
Brief background information
The mantra Aham Prema affirms one’s divine love energy within. A grand inner transformation is invoked, creating one’s highest essence of love. This emanation enhances all situations, everyday, creating a wonderful foundation for whatever one desires to manifest.

Mantras are Sanskrit formulas specifically tuned to activate chakras with great effect. They are mystical ancient resonances that invoke an increase of spiritual energy and abilities.

Chakras are spinning wheels of energy in the body that look like flowers with petals. When you are healthy, they are vibrant and spin in balance. When you are not well, they become dull and spin at a slower rate.

Sanskrit is an energy-based language with great meaning. One of man's most ancient languages known, there are fifty letters in it’s alphabet, each corresponding with a petal of a chakra.

Previously unaware of mantras, I connected with the power of this one in the right time and place.  I have been forever altered by the power of love.  It serves as my foundation and outlet.

Aham Prema provides tools for your optimal being: connection, clarity, and your balance.  Enrich love, grow monumentally, and experience joyfully.

Discover your whole self by getting to your core and connecting with the infinite.  Find your truth and passion.  Share your divine mission.
Mastery of character and cultivation of talent serve as vehicles of transformation to a higher level of vibrance.  A natural revitalization of perspective releases stress.  An awareness of the inherent patterns of life naturally develops. 

A universal wholeness is realized.  Enhanced unity thrives in celebration of the uniqueness of all beings. A diverse harmony results from our internal connection and synergistic partnerships.

We dance in celebration of each moment.

by Danielle Crume © 2012

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