Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Great Set of Tools

To be serious about anything, you’ve got to get the best set of tools you can get your hands on.
Tools are not just for handymen. Superheroes are even more super because they have a perfect gadget for the job.

Superman had an indestructible cape that offered him use of a pocket, carried a disguise, and always wore his mighty S shield.

Wonder woman had special bracelets, a belt that contained a miracle metal which enabled her to deflect bullets with her wrists, and a golden lasso that wrangled her opposition. 

Now, you may or not may be a superhero.  Either way, tools empower everyone.  What’s important is that you have the tools that are right for you. It can be very reenergizing to set your self up nicely for your next work session. Taking care of all the details, refilling your supplies, and improving your tools can help you dramatically increase your efficiency and creativity.

Take some time to check in on the tools you use.  Do you need to refill some things? Are you ready to graduate to a higher level?

Here are some creative ideas to prompt your review:
  • Specialty Supplies. Have all the utensils that will help you while you are doing your work ready and at hand. Everyone can use basics such as a phone with an updated contact list, a full tank of gas, and a healthy body. Be creative in getting the things ready that help you do your work specifically. For example, a painter should have a range of paint colors, brushes, water cups, canvases, rags, etc. If you’re a writer, having a great set of journals, plenty of paper, and a great collection of pens all help to facilitate the creativity and it shows in the final copy.
Other specialty supplies to think about are things that keep you whistling while you work. It may be tea, coffee with all the special add-ons, a fun candy dish, your favorite music playlist, or a warm pair of slippers. Treat yourself to little things that make a big impact on how you feel while “doing your do”!

  • Craft/Work Space. Setup your creation and/or work space like a cockpit in which all of your tools are centered and ready for you to grab within reach. Have an area for everything you need while in your process. For example, an ideal desk for an office worker should allow plenty of counter space to spread out work on, be stocked with a full set of pens, pencils, rulers, scissors, tape, notebooks, a planner, paper, etc. You shouldn't have to get up at all just to get something that you use every day.  Move things that you don't reach for daily a little farther out of reach.  Optimize your space based on use.  Then look back and make sure it looks nice as well. :) 
While in this space, take a moment to be aware of all of your senses and how you can better their experience. Have the sound at the right levels to facilitate your concentration. Create a Vision Board to keep near your work area that is aesthetically pleasing to see to give it a personal feel. Make it fun to be in your space.  It should draw you in and you should want to be there.
  • Inspiration and Daily Motivation. Just like we need to take a bath or shower every day, a daily dose of inspiration can help us get moving and feeling great about it. Whether it be a quote in your email, messages through Twitter (see my Daily Inspiration List), a special ritual and/or prayer that helps you to feel connected, a CD, book, music, or class – find some way that works for you to easily enjoy receiving a daily splash of inspiration at the time that works best for you.
  • Ready Packs. Keep a small bag of your essential tools in the spaces that you frequent such as your car, your friend's house, etc. Have a mini-version of your most needed tools on hand for spontaneous creativity. Add some basic things such as a $20 bill, a snack bar, and a bottle of water. With these, nothing shall get in your way! 

  • And most importantly.. You. Make sure you are up to par first. That means take care of yourself. Nurture yourself so that you are ready to be your best. Do what it takes to get off to a great start!

    Have fun playing with your tools! =P

    by Danielle Crume © 2013 

    Originally posted 11/2009.  Refreshed 2/2013. 

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